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Camp David Accords between Israel and Egypt (1978)

Camp David, MD
Anwar Sadat, Egypt: Signatory, Menachem Begin, Israel: Signatory, Jimmy Carter, United States: Witness
A set of agreements signed at Camp David, MD, on 17 September 1978. The agreements constituted a framework for Egyptian-Israeli and Arab-Israeli peace, signed by Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and sponsored by US President Jimmy Carter. The agreements were signed following Sadat's visit to Jerusalem and subsequent negotiations between Israel and Egypt. The agreements called for continued negotiations with the aim of reaching a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, which was indeed signed in March 1979. Additionally, it called for the establishment of Palestinian self-government in the West Bank and Gaza Strip for a transitional period of five years, during which Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Palestinian representatives would negotiate “the resolution of the Palestinian problem in all its aspects.” Sadat and Begin were awarded the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize for the Accords.