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Israel-Syria Armistice Agreement (1949)

Hill 232, Israel
Shabtai Rosenne, Israel: Signatory, Mohamed Nasser, Syria: Signatory, Mordechai Makleff, Israel: Signatory, Afif Sizri, Syria: Signatory, Fozi Selo, Syria: Signatory, Yehoshua Pelman, Israel: Signatory
An armistice agreement concluding the 1948 War between Israel and Syria, signed on Hill 232 near the Israeli-Syrian border, on 20 July 1949. As the last agreement signed between Israel and an Arab country, it brought the war to its official conclusion. The armistice line largely followed the 1923 Mandatory border, though differences between the two lines were a source of disagreement during the Israeli-Syrian peace negotiations. Three areas west of the armistice line that were controlled by Syrian forces at the time of the signing were designated in the agreement as demilitarized zones: the Banias area at the northern end of the armistice line; the area south of Lake Hula, and a narrow strip along the Jordan River up to the Sea of Galilee; and the area southeast of the Sea of Galilee and along the Yarmuk River up to El-Hama.