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Israel-Egypt Armistice Agreement (1949)

Rhodes, Greece
Elias Sasson, Israel: Signatory, Yigael Yadin, Israel: Signatory, Walter Eytan, Israel: Signatory, Col. El Rehmany, Egypt: Signatory, Col. Seif El Dine, Egypt: Signatory
An armistice agreement concluding the 1948 War between Israel and Egypt, signed in Rhodes, Greece, on 24 February 1949. It mostly followed the 1906 border between Egypt and the Ottoman Empire, while leaving the Gaza Strip under Egyptian control. In February 1950, a modus vivendi agreement was signed to accompany the armistice. It provided for territorial exchange, awarding Egypt an additional area south of the Strip, while Israel was compensated along the northeastern border of the Strip. The total length of the (modified) armistice line is 267km, of which 59km constitute the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip.