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Belgian Chamber of Representatives Resolution on Recognizing Palestine (2015)

A resolution adopted by the Chamber of Representatives, the lower house of the Belgian Parliament, by a vote of 75-52, on 5 February 2015. It called on the federal government of Belgium to recognize the State of Palestine "at the moment which is judged to be the most opportune", taking into account Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, coordination between the member states of the European Union, and the effective exercise of control by the Palestinian Authority over the entire Palestinian territories. The resolution limited the recognized borders of the Palestinian state to the 1967 lines, to be modified only by an agreement between the two parties. It cited, among other documents, UNGA Resolutions 181, 43/177 and 67/19, UNSC Resolutions 242 and 1515, the 1993 exchange of letters on mutual Israel-PLO recognition, and the admission of the State of Palestine as a member of UNESCO. The resolution followed several non-binding resolutions supporting recognition of Palestine adopted by parliaments of European states in late 2014, as well as a similar resolution adopted by the European Parliament and official Swedish recognition of Palestinian statehood.