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Truman Proposal for Temporary UN Trusteeship for Palestine (1948)

Washington, DC
Harry S. Truman, United States: Speaker
A proposal put forth by US President Harry S. Truman in a statement made on 25 March 1948. While citing American support for the Partition Plan based on the UNSCOP Report, Truman stated that the reality [of the early 1948 War] had made peaceful partition unrealistic at that time. With Britain planning to terminate its Mandatory rule in Palestine less than two months later, Truman suggested a temporary UN trusteeship for Palestine to prevent full-scale civil war and fill the vacuum created by the end of British rule. In parallel, he called on the Security Council to act quickly in order to achieve a truce between the parties. The proposal was rejected by the Jewish leadership, which refused to consider any arrangement that would postpone the establishment of a Jewish state, and the Arabs conditioned their approval on the future establishment of a unitary Arab state in Palestine and a complete cessation of Jewish immigration. Britain refused to extend its presence in Palestine, and the proposal was never brought before the UN General Assembly.